Anonymous: "Don't spam it though that's annoying." xD Tony is fucking great!


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Anonymous: Do you listen to the band 21 pilots? I wanna know why they + their fans always have those masks on?

I don’t lol

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Anonymous: To the anon v If one of my teachers said that to me I would of called him a name. ( I get angry easily that's why.) when I was even reading your messages I got mad. That teacher is a asshole.

Which gets YOU in trouble, my dear! And that’s not fun!

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Anonymous: Okay :) it just really pisses me off because remarks like that lower a persons self confidence, he's always making remarks about the way people look.

Really? If you can get multiple people on board who’s comments he’s effect you lot could get the teacher in trouble. Schools are a lot more touchy about that stuff & how it effects us teens

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americancishetwhitemale: anon, also if he doesn't back down or apologize go straight to your head teacher or whatever because you don't need that shit.

They can actually get fired if it’s happened in multiple occasions

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Anonymous: i'm really sick of people judging others about their weight. today in class my teacher was making jokes about how he wanted certain people out of his class and he said something to a boy who sits behind me and it was something like "that's why i put her (me) in front of you, so i wouldn't have to see you anymore" i know i'm a little overweight but it made me really upset, like i don't want to eat anymore

You march your little butt to him & tell him exactly what you just told me. I have a feeling he didn’t mean it like that, but that’s not okay regardless. Tell him, though! And please do eat bcus not eating actually makes you gain weight.

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