Anonymous: sorry to bother, but what is the source of that picture you just put on your blog? Tony looks really good (as always) :)

no idea.

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burningupinsmoke: Man I love ptv but why are they winning everything??? They honestly haven't done anything THIS. YEAR. which is what the award is :/ when I was voting I thought really hard about who it really was that deserved them for this year

Jaime won bassist, Mike won drummer, and best live. None of that really had to do with just this year, alone. (Plus it’s the first awards show so they don’t have much to go on) The boys have toured basically non-stop since CWTS came out then out out This Is A Wasteland which documented it all. Their stage presence IS the best, next to letlive. We are some hardcore ass fans & they deserve everything they’ve won tonight because WE thought they did. If you don’t understand, ask the blog. Because WE chose it.

BMTH deserves album of the year and tbh they also deserve Artist of the Year. Sempiternal is a beautiful album, even better than CWTS. They poured their soul into that album & it showed.

Crown the Empire worked that ass off to put together a wonderful story line within their albums.

A Love Like War combined 2 huge bandoms & we proved it.

BVB is well …. BVB.

This was all chosen by US, the fans. If the other bandoms are so pissed, they should’ve put in as much effort as we did.

Our boys deserve it.

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hahahah what the hell
Anonymous: Even though PTV is my favorite band I love them so much. I'm still upset that ADTR isn't winning anything.

So am I! I love CTE but I wish letlive. woulda won Best Break Through

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love-like-war-x3: The VIP's sold out in an hour for most places. Bummed over that. Was my reason why I was gonna get on my doc's butt over getting my health problems taken care of so I'd be healthy enough to meet them. Hope they add a Baltimore show.


Public tickets PLUS VIP tickets will go on sale again starting July 26th.

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Anonymous: Where are the tour dates for the ptv sws tour?

Gotta scroll through the blog, unfortunately. They’re there.

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toxicwolf-thefabulouskilljoy: My sister gets to go to the ptv concert on the world tour and I don't and she's meeting them and I'm gonna fucking cry.

I was going to say something cruel/mean about what you should do but instead I say I’m sorry, that’s so unfortunate

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hands-like-allie: Guys in the announcement they said "and if you're date/town isn't there done worry we will be announcing more dates as time goes on" so more dates for the US and everywhere should be announced because they made a huge deal about being literally everywhere hahaha and besides.. They skipped the entire south! That's not allowed! Or at least it better not be.

I hope so!

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