Anonymous: Not to brag or anything but I got tickets to see the boys and this'll be my first concert *^* I'm totally stoked about it that I get nervous thinking about it...I hope that's not weird...but yeah I know nothing spectacular will happen while waiting to get in but the thought if seeing them live makes me utterly happy~

Awe yay! It’s not weird haha. I’m happy for you! I hope it all goes well, sweetheart. :) -a

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booamdhazz: Ok so I have a VIP ticket that I would like to seep if u could please feel your followers that if they want 1 VIP ticket to please contact me thanks :)


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seoyanos: Hi, do you think PTV will come to New Zealand for their world tour? I really want to see them live and Im anxious to know if they will come here. Thank you :)

We don’t know any dates, dear. We’ll try to post them as soon as they’re up. -a

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Anonymous: Sorry if this is personal, but where has Caitlin been?

I wish I could tell you, babe, but I have no idea. Maybe Sadie knows? -a

She was on for a few minutes a little bit ago, but otherwise I don’t think she uses Tumblr much anymore. - S 5 notes

Sorry I’ve been MIA guys, I’ve had a busy weekend & now I’m heading outta town for the next week. I won’t have wifi so I probably won’t be on, but Addy will be on after school. Get to know her more, spam her with silly questions! just don’t get mad if the blog gets slow. Hang in there! -S

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Anonymous: after crowd surfing you normally get sent to the back of the crowd, and if the security guards are over everything and are all pissy (which is quite a lot of the time) they just push you into everyone else at the front. This has happened to me at least 3 times

Security guards always seem to be pissy. It kinda sucks. But thanks, sweetheart! -a

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Anonymous: To answer the question of where you go after crowd surfing: you go backstage to be killed and eaten by the band and crew. XD (Please understand my humour. <3 Love ya!)

It’s basically a sacrifice. Only the blood and flesh of a fan can keep them talented. xD We love you too! -a

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Anonymous: To the anon asking about crowd surfing, they usually bring you to the back of the crowd, behind everyone on the floor.

Here’s this one too! -a

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Anonymous: the security guards escort you out of the barricade and you go back into the crowd :)

Thank ya, dear! -a

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Anonymous: Hi! So I've seen you've answered questions about crowd surfing before but I was just wondering, once you make it to the barricade, and security takes you out, where do you go? Just the back of the crowd?

I think you go back to the crowd??? I’m not exactly sure. Anyone? -a

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