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Anonymous: hi I'm sorry if this is weird or something but is it wrong to wish I could see my scars.. like to think of how far I've come? is that weird or wrong? I don't want to hurt myself and I'm not depressed anymore but I kinda wish I could see them clearer. the lines are so faint. I'm sorry.. im sorry I know it's stupid but I'm just wondering if it's weird or wrong to think that. I'm sorry

Okay for one, stop apologizing! Don’t worry about what you ask on here, we’ll talk about anything!
But anyway … Logically I would say yes because like you said, it shows that you’ve been victorious over your disease. BUT in talking to previous self harmers (SOME, not all) regret it because they’ve realized that it wasn’t worth it & they’ve ruined their skin. It’s not weird, wrong, anything! Don’t sweat it.
I would also like to say I’m INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU! :)

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Anonymous: Who is Pierce The Veil going on tour with? I know sws but it says special guests??

I know it’s Beartooth (heavier) and This Wild Life. I dunno if those carry over into the UK tour and the second leg, though.

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Anonymous: I know you only deal with tony but do you know I'd Vic and Danielle are still together?

We don’t talk about any of the boys & their significant others. Feel free to ask any of the other PTV blogs, though!

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hands-like-allie: So... hi. I just want to express how fucking excited i am right now. I bought VIP tickets for the second Orlando date of the tour and I'm just SO DAMN HAPPY because i was slightly offended when they weren't coming to florida at first. And now they are and this will be the first time I meet PTV.. like yaay SWS they're cool in my book too but I'm not a fan of their fans (sorry) but anyway yeah so this will be my first time meeting my heroes and I'm just really fucking happy.. okay bye <3

I’m so happy for you! That’s awesome. I hope you have the time of your life! -a

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Anonymous: hey do you know if theres a chance you could still meet ptv/sws with general admission tickets? or would you need VIP tickets? sorry if thats a stupid question, i've never really been to a concert before.

it is still possible!
-hang out around the venue (and at the bars at night, but I’m guessing you’re not legal) before & after the shows.
-Some restaurants near the venue are always a good shot.
-Sometimes they shop, if there’s a mall around & they’re early.
-You can chill near the bus, but don’t stay too late.
It’s kind of a luck thing, but it’s never impossible to catch one or two of them out & about.

ps don’t stay out too late, especially if you have school/work the next day. it’s not always worth the lack of sleeps. 16 notes