Anonymous: This isn't Tony related but...your thoughts about friends with benefits? I'm 19 & my friend is 20. I've liked him for many months now, recently he asked me to be friends with benefits...but idk. Sorry to ask her but I mean we're mostly girls and I need some girl talk. It's understandable if you ignore it.

You do who you want to do, just be careful! Every FWB I’ve heard about one of the two catches feelings - so protect your heart since you do like him. Also, don’t feel let down/disappointed if FWB’s is all you guys are. It happens. And be safe! Literally!

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Disney day!  

always with the hats.
amplifiedtradition: I remember! It's turmeric! She buys it as a root. mince and apply to the scar. It stains a bit but shouldn't last more than a day or two. Make sure you peel the skin off the turmeric cause its the orange part you want. You can store it in the fridge.

Very true!

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amplifiedtradition: For that anon asking about scar removal, there's a root my grandma uses. I can't remember what it is but I'll ask her when she comes home. It's used in Asian cooking and will stain your skin for a few days but it helps ease scars.

I lovelovelove “old” family remedies

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Anonymous: hi I have a question and it's not really tony related so I'd understand if you don't answer and I'm coming to you bc I actually always come to you when I have problems and with this I'm too embarrassed to ask my friends or my followers um do you have any tips for scar fading/removal methods that I can do at home with something I would have in my house? I can't drive so I obviously can't go buy some stuff to use on it, sorry if you don't really know how to help and sorry that its not tony related

Well do you have two legs, cause if 100% necessary you can walk! Unless you don’t then I apologize. But go here - Keep in mind, scars are not 100% eraseable, whether shallow or deep.

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Anonymous: Do you think Pierce The Veil will be coming to Warped in 2015? Or just tour on their own?

Most likely.

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