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Tony Perry
Anonymous: Did you hear what happened to alex from ADTR? Some creep made a fake email address with his name and emailing random people saying he's Alex from ADTR

Of course I saw it. Love that band, haha! But he had the right idea!! Send them spam up the ass. I saw somebody said they sent that email the whole lord of the rings script!

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Anonymous: So this is weird but I work with this kid Nick and he's literally always so sweet, happy and fun. Yesterday I worked with this other kid who wanted to go with Nick to the play basketball. So I drove him yo Nick's picked him up and took them to the park. Nick was wearing basketball shorts and they kinda rode up and I saw cuts on both his legs. I know there isn't much I can do but it's been bothering me bc I know he's a sweet kid and no one deserves that. Should I talk to him or just let it go?

If you feel it’s necessary just say “stay strong” & give him a hug or a hand squeeze. It happens once in a while at my work & they usually turn kind of pink & say “thank you I’m trying”

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tonypiercetheveil: What is your favorite hairstyle that Tony's had? Mine is definitely where he had it like chin length and the side was shaved like in that gif of him playing guitar and he flips it in his face and it's sexually frustrating,oh god I miss that but I still love him foreverrr

That’s my fave too, actually!!

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