Anonymous: Do you ever get the urge to just run your fingers through Tony's hair because it just looks so soft and andjdkksjsjkssjjss <3

Yes lol

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Anonymous: Okay so I'm 16 and this guy I work with is 21, big gap I know. BUT LIKE WE ALWAYS FLIRT WITH EACH OTHER AND HE'S CUTE AND HAS GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC AND HE'S SUPER FUNNY . We hung out with some other people from work and a few friends the other night and had fun. Even tho we flirt it'll probably never happen and I think I sound super dumb. But do you think it's too big of a gap if anything were to happen? Idk if Im only thinking this bc know I have a crush on him but ya haha

NOPE. Didn’t even have to read the whole thing. Don’t do it. It gets complicated & messy and it rarely ends well. Crushing on him is just fine, but don’t take it any further.

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Anonymous: I noticed you posted my tony reply from twitter!! thank you so much!! I love your blog!!

Awh sure thing! Thank you!

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Anonymous: has tony turned his tumblr ask/fanmail box off?

I dunno, go look!

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Pierce The Veil, fragment from ”This is a wasteland” [©].