w0w-r00d: Haii can we be friends? c:

I don’t see why not!!

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Anonymous: The one I found is a hour away and my mom keeps saying "no one can teach you how to sing, and they don't do rock music." "It's either your born with talent or not." (Which is kinda true.) then she says "they teach you orpha singing." She just assumes all of this stuff.

That’s exactly it. She assumes. But you do what you think is best.

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Anonymous: So I officially gave up on singing lessons I'm not doing it anymore. There's no places by me, and one I found doesn't do rock music so i give up on it.

Vocalists are supposed to learn many forms of vocals, so with time you can create your own sound. Plus they’d start by training your voice, in general. I hope you find the spirit again, cause you’ve put so much effort into the research, don’t just give up! :(

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Anonymous: okay so what does HPT mean and are you sure he's a medium? o.o

House Party Tour & idk I say large but other anon is very certain

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Anonymous: Tony's a medium I asked him before

Yeah but he’s gained a lot of muscle since HPT, too?

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Anonymous: What's your best guess on Tony's shirt size?

Large. He likes to cut them up, too.

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Did a photo shoot for the new @keystreet line today with @jaxinhall @iamjeffmorgan @notmattlingo and @easchow stay tuned for the release!!
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