myanchoronthisship: I guess it also depends where she's selling from and where the customer may be buying from, because it's usually the difficulty of getting things across the boarder that's hard when buying online.

You guys are so thoughtful about this wow

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myanchoronthisship: I haven't bought anything off of Etsy, bought I've browsed around and most people have their e-mails, so customers could always just contact the seller about the quality/ condition of the item. If the seller is good they would describe it in the description about the product.


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Anonymous: I know but you were saying how eBay is more sketchy and saying for her to use etsy but in my experience I've had more issues with etsy so it might help her decide which she wanted to use

Oh okay. Valid!

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Anonymous: Didn't you make a quilt? If so, post a picture pretty please I'd love to see it!

I haven’t made it yet I’m lazy :(

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Anonymous: Get just to help your anon, I've used both etsy and eBay a lot to buy things and with etsy I've had to open cases because the products weren't as described if were damaged but with eBay I've only ever had a problem with the file very being late. Hope that helps you!

But she’s selling!

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Anonymous: I would never sell a shirt for that price it's rude tbh, I'd go for 10 or less depending on the shirt ! I kept a majority of band tees for a quilt. :) but I had extra I don't wear!

Well then you’re all set my dear!

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myanchoronthisship: to anon: Etsy is the better option in my opinion, like already pointef out eBay is more sketchy and it seems more mass produced-I-stamped-this-on-some-shirts-I-bulk-buyed-with-no-skill-on-making-or-designing shirts. Also the community is different on Etsy it sparks a better fan base and seems more genuine. I personally think the ones sold on eBay seem really scalper like, just because the platform is so big, so people can easily assume the shirts might be of a more poor quality.

oh Joc you’re the best!

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Anonymous: This is weird but I'm so dumb when it comes to selling things. Would etsy or eBay be best to sell band shirts with a few other random shirts ? I have so many band stuff I've never or barely even wore that I don't want anymore !

Etsy, I guess. eBay is shady. But be ‘lax about pricing - I’ve seen people sell used HT shirts for $25-$35.
Or, if it strikes your fancy, turn it into a quilt.

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someone send this to Tony lol