Anonymous: I hope Hi-Me does some vocals on the album!

Me too!

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Anonymous: Ptv is my favorite band and this blog is perfect, this is your ticket to heaven congrats

Well thank ya, dear. :) -A

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Anonymous: Patrick Stump anon; Patrick might not be on the album but he most likely helped them write a song or something!! That would be rad if he did sing on one but he's helped bands like All time low and Escape the fate write, so

That’s probably what happened, honestly! -A

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oliver-goddamn-sykes: if Oli Sykes was on the album I'd fuckin lose it tbh

I’m waiting for that, too. jfc

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alfie-deye5: I think Austin Carlile would be cool on this new album

They could come up with a total song for the fans & make all of us swoon.

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Anonymous: chris and alex? FUCK YEAH. FUCK YEAH MAN.

Let’s hope!

If Alex is in the album I might cry omg -A

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Anonymous: I have a teeny bit of hope that Patrick Stump will be on their new record (because Vic tweeted a while back that he met him) and even though I'm probably 99% wrong, I'm just gonna say it because if it's true I wanna be the first to call it (I really hope I'm right, but probably not)

I read one where Chris from MIW and/or Alex from ATL are rumored, too.

Who’s your dream collab on this new album??

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moshedpitato: great blog <3

I’m glad you like it, darling! -A

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