justanotherbandobsessedbitch: I heard that Mike is 6'2" and when I look at pictures, Tony looks like he's the same height as Mike, so do you think he's 6'2" as well?

Nahh. 6ft at that most

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regular-sinner: You are the sweetest blog I've ever seen. You always give the best advice and you're never mean and I just love it!

who paid you to say such nice things?! haha thank you dear, it means a lot to me!

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I’m saving the handful of “applicants” that are interested in helping run this baby until I get back into town aka get my wifi back!

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Anonymous: This is v dumb, but you always give good advice. When two people cuddle, is it weird for the boy to cuddle into the girl instead of her cuddling into him? It happened to me and it as a comfy and all but it felt as tho it should of been me laying on his chest.

It’s a little weird by “”“normal”“” standards but if both of you didn’t/don’t care, who cares! Cuddles are awesome regardless of who’s the Cuddlee & Cuddler :) and thank you, sweets

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Anonymous: Hi can I just say that out of all the ptv blogs I really like this one and I can't put my finger on it but I thinks it's the way you interact with us so nicely(:

awh well thank you :3

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